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Only 7 weeks until PFM 2017! We thought we’d just update you on a few things...


We praise God for the team we have so far and as always stand amazed by how God equips us with His people. We continue to pray for the remaining team to apply. They have until 30th June to get their applications in, so please encourage anyone suitable that you know to sign up.

Each group has the ability to have more team but it is the Family Outreach team who run Coffee House that we are particularly praying for more team for.


For many years now Jon has done a brilliant job of setting up and running the PFM website, which we are extremely grateful to him for. His hours of hard work have meant that we have been able to keep information available. Recently work has been done on giving the website a fresh look, to once again encourage people to use it regularly and we hope that the format makes it easier for the many who now use phones to access the information. Go to www.polzeathfamilymission.org.uk to have a look.

School Visits

We are delighted that once again this year Rona and Paula have the opportunity to visit the local schools in the run up to mission, this is a great opportunity to share about PFM and to share Jesus. Please pray for them as they go and do this amazing work.

Teaching Material

This year our teaching material has a slightly different style as far as team using it goes, we hope this will help aid them as they prepare for sessions. Each day’s teaching is currently being written and we would ask that you join us in praying for this to be in line with God wants us to be doing. Your prayers for inspiration, guidance and time to do it would be appreciated.


As always we rely on the generous donations of many to enable PFM to take place. We are still short of the finances needed for this year. We trust God to once again be faithful in meeting our needs and would ask that you join us in praying.

If anyone would like to make a donation by bank transfer or by cheque please contact us for details.

As always we are very grateful to you for your prayers and support.

Matt and Alison

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