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PFM 2019!

10 weeks until PFM 2019!

With the sun shining, the thought of being on Polzeath beach seems quite appealing.

It is exciting to think that in just over 10 weeks we will be back there, sharing the Good News of Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection.


We are delighted that a number of previous team will be returning this year and already new team are signing up.

It’s very exciting to see that a number of new team have grown up coming to PFM, it’s wonderful seeing them coming to serve.

The more team we have the more we are able to do. Please pray that those with the gifts needed will apply.

As references and DBS’s are needed for all team the process can take quite a while so people are encouraged to sign up now.

Would you like to join the team? Do you know someone who might like to be part of an amazing mission? If you do then get in touch with Matt and Alison or apply by going to www.volunteer.scriptureunion.org.uk then login if you have an account with Scripture Union, or set one up. Create your profile and then apply to come on team. Please join us as we pray for God’s team for PFM 2019.

Age Groups

It is envisaged that our age groups will remain the same this year.

Last year having activities taking place within Coffee House in the children’s corner for our younger children worked exceptionally well and we pray for the team to be able to do the same again this year.

Therefore, the groups will be:

  • 4-10’s

  • 11-14’s

  • 15-18’s

  • Coffee House and children’s corner

  • Bible Study

We are excited by what God has in store this year. God has started to plant ideas of how the 15-18’s group will change this year and we continue to look to him for direction.

Please pray for clear direction as we see there being a greater ‘outreach’ feel to the group.

Fun Events

As well as all the normal age group activities, we will once again be holding a few events that are designed for the whole family to join in together.

It just wouldn’t be mission without the Tidefight being one of the big events, the other one will be Rounders and Hotdogs!

Teaching Material

Initial thoughts and the theme for the teaching material are coming together. Please pray for God’s clear inspiration and direction as we write the material.


Each year we need to raise the money to pay for the mission and sadly costs don’t go down, but God is amazing and provides!

Mission costs over £20,000 to run and we are at the point of needing to make payments for accommodation, deposits, licences and much more.

It is always wonderful seeing God’s provision as he touches the hearts of various people who give to His work in Polzeath. We pray that we will see the finances coming in.

For anyone wanting to send in any money then please contact Matt or Alison for account details.

PFM 2019 Dates

The team dates are Saturday 27th July to Friday 9th August. Events start on Sunday 28th July.

Wishing you were here!

We would love to see lots of people coming and taking part in all the PFM events this year. Please consider whether there is someone you could tell about PFM so that they might come and join the fun and have the opportunity to see God at work.

Prayer Requests

Here are our top 5 prayer requests:

  • God’s provision of team

  • Time and inspiration to write the teaching material

  • Finances needed

  • Lives to be changed

  • Permission for use on the beach


If you have any questions about PFM then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Matt and Alison

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